June 23, 2009


As the healthcare debate rages on, I thought I'd post this little gem about how private insurance companies (that's right - free market, people) retroactively revoke polices to avoid paying for expensive conditions.  

Despicable.  The only reason I have health insurance is for catastrophic care.  I eat well, excercise, have never smoked, never ingested ANY illegal substances, and as long as my allergies are kept in check (with a $14.99 / year over-the-counter medication), I don't have need to seek medical attention.

If I were then to get cancer or suffer some sort of trauma due to an accident, my insurer can cancel my policy because I didn't remember knee pain I had when I was 14 years old?

For a potentially life-threatening disease, isn't that the same as a death sentence; meted out by our 'sacred' private industry?

Here's a quote that demonstrates the crux of the story:

"Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), who chaired the hearing, asked all three [Insurance Industry] CEOs if they would agree to stop rescinding policies except in cases of fraud. 

All three said no. 

If they don't do something to stop it, said Barton of Texas, Congress will."

I think I'll take my chances with a government bureaucrat.


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